avril 01, 2020 2 min read

About Bamboo

Many think bamboo as a tree, but an interesting fact is it is actually part of the grass family. Another interesting fact about bamboo is it was one of the few plants to survive the intense radiation from the Hiroshima bombing in 1945.

The most fascinating plant species out there as well known for its unlimited uses and incredible durability. Whilst predominantly cultivated in the far east, it grows in most countries around the equator.

Forever Green - Bamboo: The Wonder Plant

Bamboo can grow up two feet per day

The Benefits

Bamboo is incredibly easy to cultivate, as it is naturally antibacterial and antifungal and so requires no pesticides or fertilizers to grow. Some bamboo can grow up to an amazing two feet per day which makes it an incredible product for sustainable use.

Bamboo is one of the greatest tools against carbon dioxide as it consumes five times more than a typical plant and produces 35% more oxygen as well. An acre of bamboo can fix about 25 metric tons of atmospheric carbon dioxide per year. 


It is only recently that the world have learnt of the endless benefits in the cultivation and use of bamboo in everyday products. Not only is it being used for an alternative to your standard wooden products, but it is now also being used in clothing, beauty products, medicine and much much more.

Final Thought

Now that you all know the outstanding benefits that bamboo brings to us all, perhaps we can all begin to look around for bamboo alternatives to our everyday plastic single use items.

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