dicembre 07, 2021 2 min read

Coffee pods are a convenient solution to get your caffeine fix. But your dependency on them isn’t good for the environment. If you want to combine your love for great coffee with an urge to be green, you may need to make some considered choices.

Stainless steel coffee pods are a sustainable place to start.

These capsules give you a planet-friendly way to brew and drink with your pod machine. Whilst single-use pods take 150-500 years to breakdown in landfill, stainless steel is 100% recyclable, sustainable and incredibly durable.

Yet for dedicated drinkers, good coffee depends on many factors. It’s about that clean, fresh taste and smell.

Here’s why it’s better to use stainless steel coffee capsules over single-use, biodegradable and compostable options.

1. Green Up Your Coffee Routine

Looking to green up your coffee routine?

Stainless steel is referred to as a green material because of its minimal impact on people and the environment. Emission footprints for air, carbon and water are low. Whereas, the material’s recyclability and reuse are at high levels. In fact, stainless steels are recycled to produce more stainless steel - an easy separation process that can be carried out indefinitely. Once recycled, it doesn’t degrade.

From a human perspective, stainless steel isn’t harmful to people during production or use. The material has a natural protective layer, which prevents corrosion and ensures longevity. It’s simple to clean, doesn’t breed bacteria and is low-maintenance.

These factors make stainless steel the ultimate reusable material. For coffee pods, using all-stainless steel capsules provides a fully refillable and waste-free alternative.

2. Fresher Coffee

For coffee drinkers, nothing beats the smell and taste of freshly-roasted coffee beans. It’s not only about environmental impact, but that barista-feeling you get at home with a simple press of a button.

The issue with many pods is the minuscule amount of grounds, which can affect the flavour of your brew. Because they’re also pre-packed and sealed in plastic and foil, there’s no knowledge of their exact shelf life. The freshness of coffee is fleeting. But it worsens the finer the beans are ground due to greater air exposure.

To get your cafe-style coffee at home, stainless steel coffee pods allow you to use your own roasted beans. This encourages freshness and means you have more control over the taste and strength of your coffee.

Pro Tip: Want the perfect sustainable brew? We recommend grinding coffee beans to a fine-to-medium “stovetop” grind for stainless steel pods. Ask your local barista to do this, or buy it from the store pre-ground.

3. Convenience and Cost-Effectiveness

Reusable coffee pods made from stainless steel are convenient and cost-effective.

Compared to single-use, using stainless steel coffee pods eliminates the hidden costs to you and the Earth. Premium stainless steel still offers the convenience of regular pods but maximises your savings and reduces your environmental impact. Naturally, reusing will always save you money.