Illy Reusable Coffee Pods

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   Eco Friendly

Single use coffee pods are a huge contributor to plastic waste with their usage accounting for almost a third of the entire coffee sector. What would you say if we told you that this could be avoided entirely and that you could save money doing so? Well we have the very solution right here.

   Saves Money

So let's look at some numbers, switching from a single use coffee pod over to a reusable one can save you over €100 a year if you drink just one coffee a day with the cost of a coffee coming down from 0.30 cents down to 0.01 cents. To think these last up to ten years, you are looking at over well over €1,000, not to mention all of the plastic waste you will avoid producing.

   Cleaning & Usage

This is the easy part, all of our reusable coffee pods are provided with a little cleaning brush to use. They can be washed just like any other utensil either by hand or in the dishwasher. To learn how to use and look after our reusable coffee pods, head on over to our guide linked at the bottom here.


You are advised to check your pod's compatibility with your machine before your purchase, refer to the guide above to be sure. If still not sure, get in touch and we will check for you.


An amazing bonus is that you are no longer tied into a particular brand of coffee so you can now use whatever blend you please.

So don't compromise on freshness and value when doing your part to help the planet with this simple to use, reusable coffee pods kit.

  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Pod Size: 38x34.6mm
  • Set Contains: Pod(s), cleaning brush & serving spoon (tamper optional)

Illy is a registered trademark that is not linked in any way to Forever Green, we are merely using its name to indicate compatibility with our coffee pods.

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